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We convert school buses into hotel on wheels
Our expertise in converting buses started with a 39’ school bus named Natasha. Converting a school bus into a home on wheels was part of an ambitious project : the road trip of our life. We converted our bus with the help of some of the best craftsmen in South California. Once completed, we drove off to South America and travelled around 16 countries, for what was going to be the best road trip ever ! Before we drove a single mile, we had to build Natasha and after doing all the cabinet-making, welding, dovetailing and decking, we became specialist ! The art and craft of building the best home on wheels is now our job ! Every square inch of the skoolies we build is up to convenience, comfort, functionality and aestheticism. We only build skoolies we would live in, and we are pretty demanding. Working with wood and metal experts, we put our heart and passion in every project we have, eager to create something meaningful for our adventure-seeking clients. We help you to find your perfect bus to start a conversion.
We're bringing old school buses back to life!

Mybushotel brings school buses back to the road to make your travel experience easy and comfortable. We help you to find your bus to start building your new home on wheels!

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Whether you’re looking for an adventure with no commitments, a new home or a new business on wheels - Mybushotel has an option for everyone !

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We are doing custom made buses for you.

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Get a taste of the nomad life by living part-time or full-time in your bus!

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Rent your bus on your property. You can make over $40k a year !