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B-hotel, the new camper van

Why should i buy a bus hotel?

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Bring your home wherever you go
Traveling has never felt this convenient: you become fully autonomous without worrying about accommodations, while enjoying the same level of comfort as your home. Our b-hotels are designed with high quality standards to make your life easy and comfortable.
Get a customized home based on your preferences and needs
Pick your paint job and choose your favorite interior design! We also provide personalized features from high tech solutions to modern amenities, optimizing your living space tailored to your specific needs.
Enjoy the perfect balance between sufficient living space and ease of mobility.
Our b-hotels are the best combination between a large living space and the convenience of driving and parking like a car.
Drive with the safety and the robustness of a school bus
School buses are the most charismatic companion you'll ever have on the road! In addition to being a legendary vehicle, school buses are built strong and known to be one of the safest vehicles you can drive.
Your perfect travel companion
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Our new home on wheels

Our new home on wheels will be ready for next summer! Only few vans available!

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Live a freedom life
Be ready for your new home on wheels
Your perfect travel companion
What is your b-lifestyle?

Whether you’re looking for an adventure with no commitments, a new home on wheels, or planning to run your business on the road - Mybushotel has a solution for everyone!


Hit the road with all of your belongings, fitting in one comfy bus! Enjoy the outdoors and live full-time in your handy home on wheels.


Any plans for the weekend? Grab your surfboard and hit the waves, or go for a hike in the mountains, and still enjoy a hot shower, or a movie in a luxurious bed like at home. Live an adventurous lifestyle and explore wilderness without sacrificing your comfort...and repeat it as often as you'd like!


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a digital nomad? Let's get you connected! Work remotely with confidence and stay online anywhere you go. Wifi-integration, solar panels, and signal boosters are some of the available features.

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Gui & Chelsea
Weekend adventures with our b-homie
"Mybushotel rocks! Great customer service and a crazy product! We go out every weekend and enjoy our trips as much as our nights! So comfy and warm, it really feels like home! We are experienced in the art of road tripping, and we got to admit the quality is on point, our b-hotel rolls just like a brand new van!"
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Techie on the road
"I work remotely more than half of the week, which allows me to explore the outdoors. My bus is equipped with wifi and a 27" thunderbolt. Everything is connected with a full off-grid system that allows me to spend days in nature with a fully autonomous vehicle. Having a new scenery to enjoy everyday, exploring completely remote places in the wilderness, and still being able to work everywhere I go, is what I have ever hoped for. Mybushotel has amazed me at all points, I fully recommend their product."
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Living full-time for a year
"Been traveling and living in my bus for six months now, it's been a blast! Best thing yet... no rent! The bus is awesome, super reliable! Over 20,000 miles driven so far and no unexpected maintenance needed. Mybushotel's a really good company that you can totally trust! They guided me step by step to decide what equipment I would need for this one-year road trip, because I was a complete novice. They've answered every question I had about the bus, and were always available when I reached out to them. I would definitely recommend mybushotel!"
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